Some snippets from #WTSEdmonton Press Conference

by Chelsea White on 25 Jul, 2017 09:16
Some snippets from #WTSEdmonton Press Conference

As the sixth installment of the World Triathlon Series is about to get underway in Edmonton, some athletes got together with some local media to chat about their careers, lives and upcoming race weekend. So catch up with Joanna Brown, Tyler Mislawchuk, Katie Zaferes and Stefan Daniel.
Joanna Brown
Talking about her triathlon journey, “Just like any journey it has not been a straight upward progression. I had a lot of success as a junior and U23 athlete and had some good results in international and national competitions that has kind of fueled my motivation and passion for the sport. But I went through a few years with a lot of injury and illness and was never able to get ahead of it. It just felt I would go one step forward and three steps back for a number of years. I really had to ask myself if triathlon was still my passion and if this was still something that I wanted to do. And after taking a little break, I realized that I missed it. I love events like this, where I get to travel the world and go to the places that I get to race. So while it hasn’t been a straight line, I think that has been the best part of the journey is just figuring out along the way.”

How does she feel going into this weekend? “I feel really good. The year has been going well, I have exceeded my own expectations already. I am feeling really fit and excited. I love the course and the race has always been so well organized here, the volunteers are amazing. I know how hard the race organizors work and I know it is going to go flawlessly. I just am really exited for this race, it is going to be a huge stepping stone for the year and for the next three years in Tokyo.”

Tyler Mislawchuk
Think back on your Olympic experience: “I think it is always hard to explain an Olympic experience, obviously it was a wonderful experience. I went there to get a result, I didn’t really know what that result was going to be at the time, but looking back at it I am pretty happy with it. Right after Rio I had a pretty bad injury, I was on crutches for ten weeks, so this season has been a little slow to start. I started training in February and I have been kind of on the onwards from there. But I am looking forward to this weekend. I put it on the calendar after last year’s Olympics that I wanted to race well at home, so I am just excited to be here.”

How does it feel to have an event in your own nation? “It is very special. In any event, during international events or big events, you have kids who come out and watch the events and dream of someday doing that. It is the same principle as the Oilers being here, kids play hockey and dream of one day playing in the NHL, so its similar. I think it is great to race at home, it is great for us Canadian athletes.”

Stefan Daniel
Reflect on the Paralympic experience after triathlon debuted in the programme for the first time: “Rio was a really special experience, like Tyler (Mislawchuk) said it is hard to explain. But what I do remember is the feeling of going onto that start line and knowing that I was the first athlete to toe the line at the triathlon Paralympic Games it was pretty special. The crowds were deafening, I couldn’t hear myself think, it was such a cool experience being there. Meeting all the athletes from all the other countries, it was something I will hold onto for a very long time.”

You are still young in the sport, where do you see yourself in the next couple of year? “I want to keep doing this sport for as long as I can. I have not thought too far ahead, I obviously want to compete in Tokyo, my goal would be to win there. So for right now all I can do is keep going past that and look for these next few years and try and be in the best shape as I can for that.”

Katie Zaferes
Talking about being on the TV show Tiny House Nation with husband Tommy: “our square footage is 375 square ft, it is a 8x20 foot trailer and in that square feet it includes loft space. It is not very big but it is perfect for us. For our triathlon gear, the house extends past where the wall ends, so we can add four bikes, so it is similar to a garage set up, so that is where most of our stuff is. Then we fit stuff under the coffee table, under the bed and just throughout the house. It really works for us.”

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