The Athletes' Take on the World's Richest Tri

by Brad Culp on 12 Jun, 2010 05:34 • Español

Just ahead of the world’s richest triathlon, a few of the pre-race favourites at the Hy-Vee ITU Elite Cup gathered to talk to the media about the magnitude of the event and the pressure of racing for a share of the $1 million prize purse.

Jan Frodeno

On racing back to back weekends…

“I had a great winter of base training and I think if you have those miles in you then you’re able to race hard more often throughout the season. I think it can even be an advantage racing back-to-back weeks like this. Sometimes it’s possible to super compensate in your recovery and that’s what I’m hoping for this weekend.”

Simon Whitfield

On the depth of talent at Hy-Vee…

“A few years ago you would show up at a major race like this and there would really only be four or five guys who could compete for first. Now you show up at a race and there are 15 to 20 guys who can win the thing. It’s been fun to watch the sport evolve like that. I think this weekend’s race will really show off the depth of talent. There are a lot of guys here capable of winning.”

On the importance of this race…

“The Olympics will always be the biggest race. It’s great to have big races like this in between Olympics though. For the last three years this race has had a big circle around it on my race calendar. I just put in a big training block specifically for this race.”

Emma Moffatt

On Barbara Riveros Diaz…

“Obviously you want to improve year after year, but you have to remember that everyone else is doing the same thing over the off-season. That’s why each year there are new girls who come up. I think this year we’ve seen that with Barbara [Riveros Diaz]. She’s been so dominant this year.

On no longer being able to fly under the radar…

“I try not to think about the fact that some of the other girls may be focusing on me as one to beat. I’ve always just tried to focus on my own race and that’s what I’ll try to do again this weekend.”

On the magnitude of this race…

“It’s huge, but most importantly it has been amazing for building awareness about the sport. The prize money is great, of course, but what’s really great is what the prize money does to elevate the status of the sport. We’re so fortunate to have a big race like this every season.

Emma Snowsill

On returning from injury and illness…

“I think last year was a big learning process for me. I really didn’t take enough downtime after the Olympics in 2008 and I paid for it later in the season last year. You live and learn. I think in some ways it’s been a blessing in disguise. I feel very refreshed right now and I’m looking forward to training and racing again.”

On training and travelling with “the other” Emma…

“It always good to come to races and have another Aussie to work together with and talk about the races with. Athletes are always looking for ways to better themselves and sometimes the best way is to have another athlete come along who can really push you. It’s been good having [Moffatt] do as well as she has because it made me look at myself and find new ways to improve.”

Sarah Haskins

On having a major event so close to home…

“It’s wonderful to have an event of this calibre on home soil. It’s not only a great race, but there’s a great atmosphere around this race. I grew up very close to here, so for me this feels like home and I couldn’t be more fortunate to have an event like this at home. It’s great that so many of my friends and family can come out and see a major race and learn a little more about the sport and about what I do all over the world.”

Live coverage from Sunday’s races will be available at The women’s race kicks off at 12:30pm with the men to follow at 3:30pm.

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12 - 13 Jun, 2010 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Women
1. Emma Snowsill AUS 01:59:35
2. Emma Moffatt AUS 01:59:51
3. Helen Jenkins GBR 01:59:51
4. Paula Findlay CAN 01:59:54
5. Andrea Hansen NZL 02:00:01
Results: Elite Men
1. Tim Don GBR 01:50:20
2. Kris Gemmell NZL 01:50:23
3. Courtney Atkinson AUS 01:50:28
4. Bevan Docherty NZL 01:50:34
5. Jan Frodeno GER 01:50:36
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