Triathlon Holten has changed due to extreme weather conditions

by Martin Pieters on 02 Jul, 2015 03:40 • Español

The organisation of the Triathlon Holten announces a new change in the program of the Holten ITU European Premium Cup.
This morning the new weather forecast was given by Meteoconsult. After receiving this new forecast, a consideration has been made. This forecast gives even more extreme temperatures and circumstances for coming Saturday.

The decision has been made to cancel the vacationer/amateur-race completely. The Olympic Distance, business-competition and 1/8 distance are cancelled. The international race for Juniors and Elite will be held, but the distance as well as start times will be changed. Due to organisational reasons it is not possible to change the date of the race.
In consultation with the Dutch Triathlon Union, European Triathlon Union and local authorities the decision has been made to start the international races at the end of the afternoon/beginning of the evening.

Ground for this decision is that the weather conditions during the race will then be more favourable. Chairman Martin Pieters: “The international athletes are well trained and used to more extreme conditions. Based on the advice that we have received we decided to start later because it will get cooler during the races. If the races would start earlier than it would get warmer during the races.” Instead of the Olympic Distance the elite will compete in a Sprint race.

Safety and wellbeing of the 950 volunteers have of course also been taken into account when the decision was made.

Arco Hofland, mayor of Rijssen-Holten: “According to me the organisation of Triathlon Holten has made a brave decision by cancelling all amateur races. This is a big disappointment for all athletes, volunteers and spectators. The organisations shows that it puts the wellbeing of all these people first. It is a difficult decision that due to these extreme weather conditions this great event cannot take place as planned. Triathlon Holten shows again that it is a professional organisation and that it guarantees continuity for the future.”

The planned parties on Friday and Saturday evening will take place. Also for these evenings additional measures have been taken. There is free water available for all visitors and there will be more medical assistance. The party will start at 20.00h at Friday.

The races times are as follows:
Junior Women 17.00h, startlocation Domelaar
Junior Men 17.30h, startlocation Domelaar
Elite Men       18.30h, startlocation Domelaar
Elite Women 19.30h, startlocation Domelaar

The finish of the race will be in the arena on Kalfstermansweide. After the price giving ceremony at 21.00h the afterparty will start.
Pieters: “We hope that in spite of the heath lots of visitors will come to see the international races. There is a strong field of competitors and we hope to see a great and exiting race”
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Results: Junior Men
1. Gustav Iden NOR 00:57:00
2. Alex Yee GBR 00:57:33
3. Matthew Roberts AUS 00:57:35
4. Seth Rider USA 00:57:35
5. Jannik Schaufler GER 00:58:25
Results: Junior Women
1. Taylor Knibb USA 01:03:54
2. Sandra Dodet FRA 01:04:52
3. Kate Waugh GBR 01:05:07
4. Lotte Miller NOR 01:05:38
5. Lina Völker GER 01:05:56
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