Triathlon Malta Joins the Mediterranean Triathlon Federation

by Malta Triathlon Federation on 21 Feb, 2013 11:53 • EspaƱol

Malta Triathlon Federation has recently submitted a formal application to become affiliated to the Mediterranean Triathlon Federation in a bid to increase cooperation between Triathlon Federations of the Mediterranean states. This co-operation aims to see more development opportunities for triathletes in the region.

The President of the Malta Triathlon Federation Cyprian Dalli represented Malta at the recent Elective General Assembly in Athens. “It is indeed an honour for me and the Maltese Federation to be elected on the Executive Board” said Cyprian Dalli, president of the Malta Triathlon Federation. “Joining this Board will enable us to have a say and contribute ideas for the development of triathlon in the Mediterranean region, a region where the sport is registering strong growth numbers”.

“A region (the Mediterranean) where the sport is registering strong growth numbers.”
Cyprian Dalli
President of the Malta Triathlon Federation

One of the major plans of the Mediterranean Triathlon Federation is to organize a bi-annual Mediterranean Triathlon Championships, which the local Federation believes will prove beneficial for Maltese triathletes to be part of.

More information on Triathlon in Malta can be obtained by sending an email to or contacting the President on +356 7903 7933

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