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by ITU Admin on 28 Mar, 2008 12:00

It was not only the organisers of the Kitzbühel BG Triathlon World Cup who were impressed by a glowing CV the day after the Premier, the directors of the International Triathlon Union (ITU) and the sportsmen and women were all equally thrilled. ‘There has never been a World Cup location running such a successful first race’, beams Sheila O’Kelly, organiser of the Triathlon World Cup events, director of the Rosen Kitzbühel Triathlon Association. ‘Everything ran perfectly in Kitzbühel, two ideal races, a great atmosphere and magnificent scenery for the spectators.’ The Canadian O’Kelly said that until now, she had only experienced Kitzbühel as a Winter sports location. But she is now aware that Kitzbühel is also capable of organising outstanding races in summer. ‘I can see Kitzbühel occupying a long-term position in the Triathlon World Cup’, said the director, looking towards the future.
Besides the ITU, the sportsmen and women were also fascinated. Simon Whitfield, men’s winner, did not miss the opportunity to travel up to the Hahnenkamm himself the day after the race and to express his enthusiasm to the Austrian organisers at a conference being held by the ITU and the ÖTRV. The likeable Canadian also caught a glimpse of the ‘Streif’ race from the starting box. Unable to conceal his awe of the skiers, he exclaimed, ‘Oh my God, it’s steep down there’. Kitzbühel’s Olympic champion Ernst Hinterseer provided a few technical skiing tips, glancing at the triathlete’s legs and remarking in jest, ‘with legs that thin, you’d never make winter champion’.

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20 Jul, 2008 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Women
1. Nicola Spirig SUI 01:57:28
2. Carole Peon FRA 01:57:34
3. Samantha Warriner NZL 01:58:04
4. Andrea Hewitt NZL 01:58:12
5. Elizabeth May LUX 01:58:12
Results: Elite Men
1. Ivan Raña Fuentes ESP 01:45:23
2. Kris Gemmell NZL 01:45:29
3. Sven Riederer SUI 01:45:30
4. Bevan Docherty NZL 01:45:31
5. Ivan Vasiliev RUS 01:45:31
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