Updated start lists available for Madrid

by ITU Admin on 02 Jun, 2005 12:00
The start lists are chopping and changing for the 2005 ITU Madrid world cup. Stay logged into www.triathlon.org for the latest start lists as they are updated. Start lists are available on the Madrid event page

The 2005 ITU Madrid World Cup will have triathletes from over 27 countries. Most of them will be European (20 countries), but there will also be triathletes from America (3 nations), Oceania (2), Asia (1) and Africa (1). Altogether there will be athletes from the five continents. And we still have to be aware that there is a waiting list to compete…..

Both races will be covered live on www.triathlon.org, with full audio, live pictures, text updates in Spanish and full live timing of the event. To view this live coverage all you need do is go to the

Madrid event page

and click on the live coverage button on the left hand panel. This is the button on the bottom of the list. Coverage will begin at 09.30 local time, which is 08:30 in London, 16:30 in Tokyo, 17:30 in Sydney, 00:30 in Vancouver, 03:30 in New York and 04:30 in Rio .

This spectacular event is also a showcase for the 2012 Madrid bid for the Olympic games host city that will be decided at the 117th IOC Session which will convene in Singapore in July. The organisers have made a promotional video that is running every 15 minutes in the Madrid metro for the event. Why not watch the video here??

For the women’s race, which will begin next Sunday 5 June at 10:00, there will be triathletes from 18 countries. Most of them are European (14 nations) but there will also be triathletes from Australia, Canada, the USA, Japan and China.

For the men’s race (12:45), there will be triathletes from 24 countries. From those 24 countries, 18 are European. The rest of the Start List will be from the USA, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, China and Costa Rica.

Spain, as host country, will be the nation with the largest number of athletes at Casa de Campo although the final number has not been closed. Now, France has 12 triathletes, the United Kingdom and the USA have 10 and Germany has 7 athletes.

Europe: Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, the United Kingdom, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Switzerland and Ukraine.

America: Canada, Costa Rica and the USA.

Oceania: Australia and New Zealand.

Asia: China, Japan

Africa: South Africa.

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