Watch yourself finish Honolulu WC!!

by World Triathlon Admin on 20 Oct, 2005 12:00

Watch yourself finish the 2005 ITU Honolulu World Championships right here on!

ITU Online Services has just released a special edition Tricast™ for this important event, which will always be hosted right here on and is completely free of charge. This is part of ITU’s ongoing support of age group racing who are a vital cornerstone in our federation and our sport.

Click here for full instructions on how to view the Tricast™.

Click here for official ITU Media photographs of the event.

Results from the 2005 ITU Honolulu World Championships are now available. All age group athletes will be emailed their passwords and user names by next Tuesday 18 October if not sooner.
All age groupers can then log on and update thier own information. More details will follow on using the system.

Click here for results.

Click here for AWAD results.

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09 Oct, 2005 • event pageall results
Results: AWAD Men Blind
1. Jose Rodrigues FRA 02:21:35
2. Paulo Cardoso BRA 03:09:58
Results: AWAD Women Blind
1. Nancy Stevens USA 03:19:15
Results: AWAD Men Handcycle
1. Akian Aleong USA 02:18:11
2. Jean Michel Schille FRA 02:31:11
3. Carlos Moleda USA 02:35:28
Results: AWAD Men Lower Extremity Above Knee
1. David Mcgranahan USA 03:09:55
2. Grant Darby CAN 03:14:46
3. Matt Perkins USA 03:24:56
4. Ruben Grande MEX 03:25:33
5. Jerremy Soutter GBR 03:42:43
Results: AWAD Men Lower Extremity Below Knee
1. Paul Martin GBR 02:21:31
2. Jeffery Glassbrenner USA 02:42:27
3. Matt Handesron USA 03:06:51
Results: AWAD Women Lower Extremity Below Knee
1. Amy Winters USA 02:59:37
2. Kelly Bruno USA 03:20:46
Results: AWAD Men Other
1. Cedric Delescluse FRA 02:24:01
2. Chris Wagner RSA 02:39:27
3. Ryan Levinson USA 02:44:57
4. David Kyle USA 02:53:54
5. Tony Theriault CAN 03:04:06
Results: AWAD Men Upper Extremity Above Elbow
1. Yannick Bourseaux FRA 02:13:15
2. Roberto Carlos Silva BRA 02:21:33
3. Andrew Eldridge AUS 02:28:59
4. Stephane Pertuiset FRA 02:35:43
Results: AWAD Men Upper Extremity Below Elbow
1. Tommy Knapp USA 02:32:39
2. Jon Beeson USA 02:52:05
Results: AWAD Men Wheelchair 1
1. Etienne Caprin FRA 02:32:15
2. David Peiffer FRA 02:40:37
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