Women's Committee: Case study #1 – Driving Female Participation in Triathlon

by Olalla Cernuda on 04 Aug, 2017 01:40
Women's Committee: Case study #1 – Driving Female Participation in Triathlon

The ITU Women’s Committee is launching a series of articles to promote the stories of #WomeninTri. Here is the first one of the series:

USA Triathlon WIN: Women’s Initiative 2017

The USA Triathlon WIN: Women’s Initiative is a series of 18 events across the country designed to drive participation by women who are new to multisport. The 2017 events are organized by 11 race directors, each of whom submitted proposals and were chosen by a selection committee from a pool of candidates. The calendar includes a combination of women’s-only triathlons and duathlons, women’s-only waves within existing races, instructional clinics and social gatherings.

Each event selected for the WIN program offers some form of training or instructional session in addition to a celebratory post-event social activity. The goal is to provide low-cost, community-driven events to expose, and continue to involve, female participants of all ages in the multisport lifestyle.

The WIN program builds upon USA Triathlon’s long tradition of promoting women in multisport, including the formation of a Women’s Committee in 2010 and attaining triathlon’s status as an NCAA Emerging Sport for Women. It is part of a larger strategic initiative at USA Triathlon to grow the number of female triathletes in the United States. Currently women make up 38 percent of USA Triathlon’s total annual membership base. Youth participants are more evenly split, with girls making up just under half of USA Triathlon’s youth members at 46 percent.

WIN Program race directors receive a stipend, promotional support on USA Triathlon’s social media channels, and WIN-branded event materials including a banner and finisher medals. Click here for the full listing of 2017 WIN Program events.

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