Workout Wednesday with Alina Hanschke Busch

by Erin Greene on 26 Nov, 2014 08:24 • EspaƱol

This week we return Workout Wednesday with some of the top age group athletes at the 2014 Edmonton Grand Final. Mexico’s Alina Hanschke Busch, who traded in her 13th place finish from 2013 to silver this year in the women’s 30-34 standard distance race, shares some of her favourite workouts and tips for conquering triathlon.

Name:  Alina Hanschke Busch
Country:  México
Age group:  30-34 Standard
Profession:  Director and Sport Nutritionist from Alina NutriSport

How did you get involved in triathlon?
My Brother Lars Hanschke, the motivation of my work and my Healthy Lifestyle!

How often do you train?
1-2 times a day

What motivates you to race?
Improve my times and be always better. Feel the HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

Have you encountered any training obstacles? How have you gotten over them?
Always came something in front that you can not train, example a little injury that you need to rest. I take it like mental training or I search for a solution and do another workout, or if that’s no time, I try to imagine me training and it helps. I always say, the mental force is one of the most important powers in the triathlon.

What tips do you have for balancing relationships, work and training?
Passion, love, discipline, but the most important is “Organization”

Favourite swim workout:
500m warm up

10 x 50m with 85-90% of max heart rate and 30seconds break between the intervals

100 m slow

10 x 100m with 85-90% of max. heart rate and 30seconds break between the intervals

500 m cool down.

Favourite bike workout: 
10 min warm up

3 x 15seg in 120rpm 1.45min recovery
12min in Zone 3 with 85-90rpm
3min recovery Zone 2
9min in Zone 3+  with 85-90rpm
3min recovery Zone 2
7min in Zone 4 with 85-90rpm
3min recovery Zone 2
4 x 45 seg zone 3 with 100rpm rec. 2.15min
10 min cool down

Favourite run workout:
15 min warm up

5 x 1000 m with approx. 90% of max. heart rate with 3 min break in between the intervals

10 min cool down

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