Workout Wednesday with Esteban Rosas Sierra

by Chelsea White on 19 Apr, 2017 02:50 • EspaƱol
Workout Wednesday with Esteban Rosas Sierra

Workout Wednesday has been a longstanding tradition at the International Triathlon Union, where we like to honour and showcase some of the best triathletes in the world - you!

We’ve talked to medallists from the 2016 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Cozumel age group races in both the standard and sprint distance sport classes and have asked them to provide their triathlete story along with their favourite workouts, proving that no matter your age, gender, race or country, anyone can tri!

This week we have Esteban Rosas Sierra, a lawyer from Mexico who earned not one, not two, but THREE silver medals at the World Championships in Cozumel last year. He took second in the age group standard, sprint and aquathlon races. Which is impressive enough as he finds the time to train while also being a Dad to his two children Mateo (2) and Loreta (10 months) and trying to make time for his other passions such as surfing and climbing mountains!

Name: Esteban Rosas Sierra
Country: MEX
Age Group: Male 35-39 Standard and Sprint
Profession: Lawyer / Coach (I am the head coach of the “Bro” Team, which is an athletic brotherhood.)

How you got involved in triathlon?
My older brother got me involved in my first triathlon when I was 11 years old.

How often you train?
Every day with one rest day every week.

Best training advice?
Consistency and hard work is better than talent when talent doesn’t work hard. .
  What motivates you to race?
All the lifestyle trips, the healthy life and also trying to do the best you can by achieving a goal in something that you are really passionate about, which for me is triathlon!

Favourite swim workout:
It will include some drills but the main set would be:
8 x 200 freestyle leaving every 3 minutes and arriving between 2:22 and 2:26 (if i can mantain that effort it usually mean i am in really good shape).

Favourite bike workout:
I love to ride my bike, it doesnt matter if its road or mountain as long as i am in two wheels, but if i have to choose one workout it would be the longer rides (between 3 and 5 hours riding) on sundays wich is usually in the roads and mountains around my town (Guadalajara). When i am preparing for a non draft triathlon i usually finish that ride with a time trial of 30k and a easy jog after the bike.

Favourite run workout:
Track workouts is something i really enjoy, its that kind of trainning that let you completely destroyed, its a hate and love relationship.
I am fortunate to have a very good partner to train with (Diego Arroyo) and other group of runners that we usually meet.
After a jog and some drills the main set would be 12 to 15 x 400m arriving between 1:10 and 1:12 with 200m jog for recovery.

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