Workout Wednesday with Raymond Colliver

by Erin Greene on 30 Apr, 2014 10:00 • Español

At 81 years old, Raymond Colliver is anything but slowing down. In fact, he just keeps on winning. Both a seasoned veteran marathon runner and triathlete, check out how Raymond stays fit so he can keep on winning World Championship Age Group titles like he did in London last year.

Name: Raymond Colliver
Country: Canada
Age Group: 80 – 84 males
Job: Retired since 2001

I train seven days a week, varying disciplines as time & weather permits for outdoors. In winter, I downhill & cross country ski, as well as train indoors cycling, running on the track, swimming & strength training. I basically swim three times week, cycle 2-3 times a week, run 2-3 times a week & strength train 2-3 times a week. Because of my current age (81) I take care not to overdo training. I go according to how my body feels, especially running on the road. I have no trouble swimming for 1 ½ hours. 

Running is becoming harder, the farther I put in the effort, so I walk breaks of 30 seconds to 1 minute are common for me. I always carry a hydration drink, walk breaks allow me to consume sufficient liquids without spilling etc. In ½ marathons I also carry a bar or Chews as well as Gel. I think an athlete should refuel on the run & bike as necessary. I only road race up to ½ marathon distance now. I have run 43 full marathons since 1982.  But 10km. road races are a good distance for me.

I am still competing in triathlon, mostly Olympic Distance with the occasional sprint triathlon if my calendar is full for weekly events. I have been competing in triathlon since 1984. Motivation for me is the thrill & effort of competition against triathletes from 70 years of age & up. I almost always win my age group in every event I contest. I hope to continue in that vein for many years to come!

Favourite swim:
Warm-up:  2x200m.  4x25m DPS,  200m kick,  100m drills
Main Set: All freestyle
2x250m moderate
4x50m build
2x300m N/S
4x50m build
1x400m moderate, pullbuoy
3x100m fast
Cooldown: 200m total
Breaststroke, backstroke & easy freestyle
Total distance 3,200 meters.

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