World Anti-Doping Symposium

by ITU Admin on 07 May, 2009 12:01

The World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) held its annual Anti-Doping Symposium in Lausanne, Switzerland at the end of April.

This symposium brings together International Sports Federations, such as ITU, and National Anti-doping Organisations to collectively assess the current state of affairs of anti-doping and review what additional tools and approaches may be available to best combat doping in sport.  Of particular interest to ITU were the presentations and discussions from other IFs, such as ITU’s sister sporting federations, IAAF and UCI.

Jasmina Glad, the Out of Competition Testing Coordinator for IAAF spoke about Target Testing and Whereabouts Monitoring through a number of interesting case studies. Anne Gripper, Anti-doping Manager from UCI, spoke about the Biological Passport: What we have learnt and what we suggest to ADO’s. 

The other IF representative who spoke at the conference was Jiri Dvorak, the Chief Medical Officer for FIFA. Sarah Lewis, the Secretary General of FIS, gave the lessons from the Independent Observer report from the Olympic Games Beijing 2008.

In addition to the presentations, I also attended a workshop on TUEs within WADA’s online system (ADAMS), a blood collection and testing workshop and met with a number of anti-doping experts throughout the few days.

If you have any questions regarding Anti-doping, please contact Leslie Buchanan, ITU’s Anti-doping Director at

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