World Development Team Meeting in Spain

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World Development Team Meeting in Spain

The World Triathlon Education and Development Team gathered in Barcelona, ESP, from January 22 to 25. Led by TRI Head of NF Services & Development, Zita Csovelyak, the team embraced this unique opportunity for their first in-person meeting since 2019. The key to the meeting was for the team to reflect on the year, assess where projects stand and articulate the vision for the upcoming 12 months. This meeting was designed to tackle the planned projects of 2024.

Setting the Stage for an Extraordinary 2024
Paris 2024 promises to be unique in the history of World Triathlon. As the TRI community embarks on this exciting year, all Development projects and programs must be carefully planned to support athletes, coaches and NF’s.

The TRI Education and Development Team achieves numerous successes and milestones through the many projects that run concurrently throughout each year. This takes planning and precise end-to-end program design and rollout while also navigating through various challenges. All this is done under the umbrella of ‘Development’ – providing support for the growth of Triathlon for coaches, athletes, technical officials, facilitators, mentors and Para triathlon while also advancing NF’s to ensure everyone is advancing our sport.

Agenda Overview
There were almost 30 agenda items to discuss in the three days in Barcelona. To give structure to the meeting, all presentations were made by topic leads or those involved in the lead rollout and design of the project. Each presentation provided details on ‘where we are’, ‘what do we want to achieve by the end of 2024 (and beyond)’ and ‘the proposal and plan for the project’. Discussions were then ensured with detailed action plans.

World Triathlon Secretary General Antonio F. Arimany attended the first two days to contribute to the planning discussions. “It was great to participate in the discussions of the future strategy of the World Triathlon Education & Development. I am sure the outcome will reinforce our services to our athletes, coaches, technical officials, National Federations and Continental Confederations in developing our sport worldwide.”

Meeting Attendees: Lead: Zita Csovelyak (TRI), Istvan Jankov (TRI) - Coach Education Manager, Dave Foord (GBR) - TRI Education & Knowledge Hub Developer, Vicent Beltran (ESP), Francesco Fissore (ITA), Emma Carney (AUS) - contractors and Rolf Ebeling (GER) advisor.

Closing Thoughts
The insights and decisions made during this meeting will undoubtedly shape the course of
World Triathlon’s development and education initiatives, making 2024 an extraordinary year
for World Triathlon and beyond!

Development staff update
Firas Al-Hmood from Jordan joins the World Triathlon Development Team as a Development Admin Coordinator to fill the part-time vacancy. Firas remains as Asia Continental Coordinator as well.

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