World Triathlon Development and Education in October

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World Triathlon Development and Education in October

World Triathlon Development and Education had another busy month in October, with a wide array of programs and courses conducted worldwide. National Federation Services focused on the crucial topic of Safeguarding, aiming to create a secure and inclusive environment for all participants. Athlete Development saw eleven athletes from various countries joining the Team World Triathlon project, expanding its reach. Team Europe competed in Spain and Turkey, gaining valuable race experience. Coach Development included a Level 1 Coaching Course in Vietnam and Olympic Solidarity grants benefiting coaching education in several countries. In Europe, Level 2 coach numbers saw a significant increase. Additionally, Technical Officials courses were held in various locations globally, and World Triathlon headquarters hosted a facilitator course with Para classifier and coaching focus to ensure Para triathlon continues to grow.

NF Open Hours: ensure safe sport for everyone in triathlon
One month after the World Triathlon Congress, World Triathlon (TRI) continued conducting its National Federation Virtual Open Hours initiative aimed to highlight vital topics to the forefront of our sport and to provide updates on what happens in the triathlon world.  This month, the focus was on Safeguarding -  to ensure we offer a safe, inclusive, enjoyable and supportive environment for all. 

The keynote speakers - Dr Morten Schimdt, Global Director of Programmes and Grants at Laureus Sport for Good and Norman Brook, Brook Sports Consulting - shared principles to consider while developing a Safeguarding policy and set education to support the implementation throughout any organisation.

The eight key safeguarding considerations:
1. Developing your policy
2. Procedures for responding to safeguarding concerns
3. Advice and support
4. Minimising risks to children (+ young people and vulnerable adults)
5. Guidelines for behaviour
6. Recruiting, training and communicating
7. Working with partners
8. Monitoring and evaluating


As a part of the session, World Triathlon called for National Federations from Groups 4-5 to undergo a Safeguarding self-audit of their NF policy to assist the task of the Working Group appointed by the TRI Executive Board. The self-audit tool was developed with Laureus Sport for Good and International Safeguards for Children in Sport. This tool is a world leading measure to pinpoint where an organisation is with regard to its safeguarding journey, and where they need to prioritise their next steps.
All related presentations and recordings can be downloaded here:

October 18, 2023 | Safeguarding
18 October Presentation
Webinar Recording (18 October session, English)
Webinar Recording (18 October session, French)
Webinar Recording (18 October session, Español)
The last session in 2023 will take place on 13-14 December. Stay tuned for more information.

Team World Triathlon
Brasilia: Rehearsal for the PanAm Games

A total of eleven athletes, from the Americas (Chile, Ecuador, Barbados, Argentina, Costa Rica, Bermuda) and Europe (Slovakia and Ukraine), were selected to be part of the Team World Triathlon project under the guidance of Team Leader Rolf Ebeling (GER) and Team Manager Vicent Beltran (ESP).  This team was linked to the 2023 World Triathlon Cup Brasilia on 16 October. The standard distance World Cup offered an excellent opportunity for athletes to test the level of their preparation in a race environment toward the Pan American Games in early November in Chile. Moira Miranda from Argentina became a team member for this race as part of our Next TRI Generation programme, while Slovakia’s Zuzana Michaličková put together an excellent race, executing the best result (8th) of the team.

Barbados’ new flag candidate Matthew Wright rejoined the team as one of the most experienced members of the Tokyo Olympic Cycle. 

Although the fight for the Olympic Spots is becoming tighter, with many athletes chasing one new flag quota in the Americas, the team spirit remained high and supportive among the members.


Guam and Uzbekistan proudly join Team World Triathlon in Tongyeong
This year’s Team World Triathlon project took place in Tongyeong, South Korea, with the addition of three new athletes to the program.

Manami Iijima from Guam made history not only for her homeland but also for Oceania, becoming the first Pacific athlete to fight for the “new flag” in World Triathlon’s Olympic history since 2000.

Uzbek athlete Alexandr Kurishov is determined to keep the Olympic dream alive for his country until the cut-off date in May 2024, aiming to draw a large audience for the World Cup debut in Samarkand next year.

Vicky van der Merwe, the recently crowned African Champion from South Africa, joined the team alongside Romana Gajdosova (SVK), Ivana Kurijackova (SVK), and Badr Siwane (MAR). Francesco Fissore (ITA), coach of two-time Olympian and former team member Mateja Simic (SLO), guided the team in South Korea, creating a supportive atmosphere leading up to the race.


For detailed results, please refer to Results: 2023 World Triathlon Cup Tongyeong • World Triathlon.

Team Europe Ceuta challenged Team Europe
In early October, a team of four athletes - Ul Densa (SLO), Luna Sraka (SLO), Gabriel Barac (CRO) and Grete Maria Savitsch (EST) - lined up on the blue carpet in Ceuta, Spain, to gain not only valuable points for their continental ranking but also race experience among elite athletes at a continental cup level. Vicent Beltran (ESP) -World Triathlon Coach Facilitator -  led the team.

For detailed results, please refer to Results: 2023 Europe Triathlon Cup and Mediterranean Championships Ceuta • World Triathlon.

Team Europe’s last dance in Yenisehir, Turkey
The European Cup race in Yenisehir, Turkey, on 22 October, was the last in the selection of competitions for the ‘Europe Triathlon Team’ - a project supporting triathletes from emerging countries to race at the Continental Cup level.

Under the supervision of the Europe Triathlon Development Committee, the members received travel and accommodation support and guidance from the assigned team manager, Ljudmila Medan, from Serbia.

The team was composed of Tjaša Vrtačič (Slovenia), Johannes Sikk and Armin Angerjärv (Estonia), and Belmin Godinjak (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Tjaša Vrtačič scored the best result, finishing in 13th position after recovering from COVID.


For detailed results, please refer to Results: 2023 Europe Triathlon Cup Yenisehir • World Triathlon.

2023 Hurghada Africa Triathlon Youth & Junior Pre-Race Development Camp
6 - 12 Oct, 2023 •  Hurghada, Egypt Camps

Prior to the African Triathlon Championships in Hurghada, Egypt, young athletes and their coaches from Libya, Tunisia, South Africa and Egypt attended a World Triathlon Pre-race camp facilitated by Riana Robertson from South Africa.  These camps have been designed to provide participants up-to-date knowledge on pre-race preparation, race course analysis, pre-competition nutrition, mental preparation, the goal-setting process, and explicitly preparing an athlete to race a course well.  It is expected coaches and athletes will use the knowledge, resources, and skills to correctly build their race strategy and plan, create a more refined and personal nutrition strategy, develop their mental preparation, and create the most effective pre-race routine.

Please watch the video! For detailed results, please refer to Results: 2023 Africa Triathlon Championships Hurghada • World Triathlon.

Chiang Mai gathered Southeast Asian athletes
Thailand hosted the second development camp of the year in Asia dedicated to the Southeast Asian National Federations. The camp participants deepened their skills in swimming, biking, running and transitions, led Anthony Lozada from the Philippines.


2023 Ho Chi Minh City World Triathlon Coaches Level 1 Course
11 - 15 Oct, 2023 •  Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Coaching

New World Triathlon Federation - Vietnam - hosted a Level 1 Coaching Course from 10 to 15 October in Ho Chi Minh City.  With 16 participants in attendance from Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and a strong contingent from Vietnam, the group’s enthusiasm for learning was strong throughout the 5 days.

The course facilitators were Anthony Lozada (PHI) and Emma Carney (AUS).

The course was funded by AsiaTriathlon from the World Triathlon Continental Development Budget and designed to enable our developing Asian countries to upskill coaches in both theory and practical assessments.

Many of the participants want to continue their coaching and work towards Olympic Programs for their countries, which will only strengthen our sport should they be successful.


“As a facilitator for World Triathlon, it is always a pleasure to conduct Coaching courses to a group who are motivated to develop their understanding of what is required to commence their coaching journey.  While the logistics of practical sessions were at times challenging in the bustle of Ho Chi Minh City, the ability of the group to problem solve and work on their assessment of the risk involved in coaching gave all involved insights into the constant challenges coaches face daily.  I look forward to meeting many of the coaches again on the World Triathlon circuit,” Emma Carney, World Triathlon Coach Facilitator.

Olympic Solidarity funding accelerates the coaches’ education in Kenya
Togo, Sierra Leone, Paraguay, Venezuela, Bolivia, Mongolia and Kenya all received an Olympic Solidarity grant this year to train certified World Triathlon Level 1 Coaches for their communities. Neil MacPherson and Viv Williams (RSA) facilitated the 2023 Kilifi OS - World Triathlon Coaches Level 1 Course. Triathlon Kenya shows dynamic development in triathlon, and their current coach education initiative has been a great asset to their strategic goals execution.


Growing L2 Coaches Community in Europe
Sixteen L1 certified coaches travelled to Pula (CRO) from Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Latvia, Estonia, Malta and Slovenia to level up their knowledge and dive into some crucial areas of coaching with their fellows under the guidance of two World Triathlon facilitators Vicent Beltran (ESP) and Scott Murray (GBR).

Growing L2 Coaches Community in Europe

The Level 2 education focuses on developing and delivering more advanced triathlon coaching practices, including individualised support. Effective planning, delivery and evaluation of a series of triathlon coaching sessions or a programme for a group or an individual. And understanding the processes and principles of coaching triathlon activities to groups of children and/or adults through applying training science.

World Triathlon Development used the course to pilot a new delivery for the face-to-face Level 2 course with two facilitators instead of three, keeping learning outcome-driven delivery a top priority but considering a more sustainable approach.

Technical Official Level 2 Education peaks in October across four continents: Europe, Asia, the Americas and Oceania
Americas: Houston, USA 6-8 October, 2023

A small group of Level 2 Technical Official candidates attended the World Triathlon Technical Officials and Event Organisers Level 2 Seminar in Houston, USA. World Triathlon Facilitator Yan Thierrien from Canada kept the group energy high with various practical exercises, case studies, critical thinking and challenging discussions.


Asia: Jintang, Chengdu - 10-13 October, 2023. Read all about this Level 2 Seminar


Europe: Belgrade, Serbia 13-15 October.


The Serbian capital city of Belgrade again hosted the World Triathlon Technical Officials & Event Organisers Level 2 Seminar. Triathlon Serbia invited participants to develop their knowledge and skills in delivering a high-level competition in triathlon. Participants were under very good guidance, as the course was facilitated by Duncan Hough (GBR) - appointed Head Referee of the Olympic Games, Paris 2024.

Ten L2 Technical Official candidates from six nations (Cyprus, Ireland, Sweden, Montenegro, Greece and Latvia) have been constantly working at triathlon competitions for years.

Charlotte Johansson (SWE)
“Triathlon has been part of my life for over three decades.  I would have loved to get some tasks and reading before arriving at the seminar as part of an e-learning activity. It would have helped me to come even more prepared for the seminar.”

Igor Siminaitis (LAT)
“The entire group is extremely proactive. Everyone is motivated and excited about the seminar. The exchange of experience and the need for knowledge are always present in the room. I’ve already had the opportunity to work at this level. However, it’s still interesting to see how cooperation between teams occurs and how different solutions are offered for work tasks. It is very clear that all of us here love triathlon as our main sport.”

Jane O’Brien (IRL)
“Education of Technical Officials is very important, as well as updating your knowledge with new information and things that come on stream. I am very impressed with the venue, hotel location, sports facilities, and hospitality. People are very friendly and eager to learn. Also, Duncan is an excellent facilitator. He delivers interestingly and retains our attention the whole time.”

World Triathlon Facilitator, Duncan Hough (GBR)
“Kosutnjak is an excellent location dedicated to the sport. Everyone gave a high level of contribution to the seminar. Those TOs are ready to work, learn, and share their knowledge as well.
The role of TO Level 2 is to train the future Technical Delegates to be part of event management. We are looking for people who can come up with solutions rather than looking for problems. The continuous education and training of officials is critical. We must ensure TOs are professional and can deliver safe and fair events to athletes.”

Oceania: Brisbane, Australia 16-18 October, 2023
Fifteen enthusiastic technical officials from Oceania worked with Jacqui Kenny (AUS) and Ross Capill (NZL) TRI technical official facilitators for 3 days while attending the World Triathlon Technical Officials Level 2 Seminar at Sports House in Brisbane, Australia.  Participants were provided with details on conducting risk assessments, modelling the finish area using Lego and a practical on competition jury and medal presentations processes.


Deanna Waters:
“It’s been a hectic 3 days reuniting with a team of fellow officials from across Australia and New Zealand who I’m fortunate to call friends. The World Triathlon Level 2 course (continental technical official) delivered by Jacqui Kenny and Ross Capill in Brisbane had us planning and building finish lines, doing risk assessments, marine plans, sector allocations, competition jury’s - lots of role plays, lots of maps and thinking outside the square. But plenty of laughs and sharing our experiences. Just an exam to go to finish accreditation.”

Brasil Triathlon fills the gap with long waited TO Education
The Brazilian Triathlon National Federation, supported by The Americas Triathlon and World Triathlon, welcomed the World Triathlon Technical Officials Level 1 Course, aimed to provide support to the national technical officials that will work at the 2023 World Triathlon Cup Brasilia.
The course was facilitated and led by Roberto Menescal, with Ricardo Neves and Alberto Krushewsky as assistant facilitators. Each participant was provided with the required knowledge and competencies to work internationally.

The success of the 2023 World Triathlon Cup Brasilia was a direct consequence of the Technical Officials who participated in the course, with Ricardo Neves as ATD, Alberto Krushewsky as CRO and Roberto Menescal as Race Referee overseeing the integrated and cohesive team.
Brasil Triathlon thanks all parties for providing outstanding education and supporting Triathlon Development in Brazil with the accreditation of new ITOs towards 2024.

Brasil Triathlon_TO Education

New blood joins the “Purple Team”

The motto of facilitating learning.
“Tell me and I will forget.
Show me and I may remember.
Involve me and I will understand.”

World Triathlon Headquarters hosted a facilitator course for Para classifiers and coaches 20-23 October in Lausanne, Switzerland. Seven candidates from Japan, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Ireland and Belgium were challenged to move out of their comfort zone by Norman Brook, TRI lead facilitator.

The packed 3 days gave each candidate a chance to conduct a classroom, a practical and an online mini-session while using learner-centred facilitation skills in each delivery. They also practised implementing the review model, while facilitating individual and group reflection in a learning process.

Zita Csovelyak, Head of NF Services and Development:
“World Triathlon trained a total of twenty-one trainers from three continents this year to strengthen and expand its technical officials, coach and Para classifier facilitator team. We cannot wait to see them delivering TRI education and development projects globally in English, French and Spanish. This course has always been a game-changer for the participants not just in their professional, but personal life as well.”


Anja Svoboda (GER)
“I feel so energised and blessed after attending this amazing and challenging course!
Focusing on a people / learner-centred approach makes such a difference. Already today, during my conference with the IPC, I experienced it.”

Paul Granjean (NED)
“I picked up new skills and tools, learned about myself, and (will) keep reflecting for future improvements.”

Denis Murphy (IRL)
“I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing learning experience over the past few days. I feel so privileged to have been part of it all and meet the amazing people I met. I am going home mentally exhausted and yet so excited.”

Thomas Steurbaut (BEL)
“Thank you for the opportunity. This was the right time to motivate myself and learn more to become a better tutor.”

Neil MacLeod (ITA)
“Thanks, World Triathlon, for the remarkable opportunity of learning new skills with such incredible fellows. It will contribute to making a difference in future. I felt at home as usual.”

Reinout Van Schuylenbergh (BEL)
“Also, from my side, thanks for this opportunity and great learning experience! Thanks for putting this course in place.”

Leo Oikawa (JPN)
“Today, I think I have already begun ‘the new me’.”

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