World Triathlon is looking for an Strategic Planning Facilitator

by Olalla Cernuda on 25 Aug, 2021 12:50

World Triathlon is looking for proposals from consultants and facilitators interested in designing and facilitating a strategic planning process that will result in a 2022-2029 Strategic Plan, divided in two periods of 4 years 2022-2025 and 2026-2029.

World Triathlon is a non-profit corporation incorporated under the laws of Switzerland and recognized by the International Olympic and Paralympic Committees as the governing body worldwide for the sport of triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon, winter triathlon and all other related multisports. World Triathlon maintains offices in Madrid, Lausanne, and Vancouver, and the staff includes 26 individuals organized into 7 departments: anti-doping, national federation services & development, communication, marketing & sponsorship, sport, Administration and technology & television. The organization’s main activities include:
• Organisation of Sport events, including the World Championships and the Olympic and Paralympic Games;
• Development activities to grow the sport Worldwide;
• Education of coaches, technical officials and other stakeholders involved in the sport;
• Regulation of the sport, including competition rules, disciplinary rules, integrity rules;
• Antidoping activities within the sport;
• Marketing and TV broadcasting of events and management of intellectual property rights;
• Administration and governance.
The new strategic plan will guide us into the future, and it will be developed through sessions with key stakeholders, including:
- Facilitated online meetings with key staff members
- Facilitated online session(s) with the 15-member Executive Board
- Guided in-person sessions to define the strategic plan with a Working Group of stakeholders
- Online sessions with the Executive Board for final approval.

Desired Strategic Planning Outcomes: 

• Guide World Triathlon through a comprehensive review and refinement of the vision, mission, values, goals and outcome measures of World Triathlon. The existing strategic plan (2017-2021) can be found here
• Develop final strategic plan document that articulates strategic priorities for 2022-2025 and 2026-2029, including goals for each;
• Facilitate sessions with staff, Executive Board, and other stakeholders to establish tools:
• For evaluation (in consultation with the administration of World Triathlon) to assess progress toward achieving World Triathlon´s goals (i.e. key performance indicators, measurable outcomes, etc.);
• To evaluate emerging opportunities for real-time decision making;
• A Community Outreach Plan to ensure effective engagement with partners, key stakeholders, and the Triathlon community going forward;
• Culture is strengthened and team developed through collaborative efforts within the strategic planning process between Executive Board and the Staff.
• Two final Strategic Plan documents, including one to be used as an internal document that outlines the Strategic Plan in full as well as an external document to be shared with stakeholders and the public as to our Strategic Direction.

Proposed project timeline:

Clarifying Questions to be submitted by: August 28th, 2021
Response to Questions: August 31st, 2021
Submission Deadline: midnight, September 6th, 2021

Work plan due:

September-October 2021, Online meetings with staff and Executive Board.
November: In-person session with Strategic Plan Working Group
December: Online meeting with the Executive Board for final approval of Strategic Plan.
End of December- January: Final deliverables due, including Strategic Plan and Communications Plan

Budget: $15,000-20,000

Proposal Requirements:

• Please submit a proposal no longer than three (3) pages in length, plus at least 3 references and one sample of a strategic plan you have delivered. Please include experience conducing strategic planning utilizing an online format.
• Proposals must be received via e-mail, before 24:00 PM CET on September, 6th, 2021. Please address your proposal to: Antonio F. Arimany, Secretary General. Submit by e-mail to Alfredo Sánchez:

The proposal statement of work should be presented in a conceptual, high-level format, with the understanding that the actual scope of work will be refined after consultant selection.

This project will be tendered at the discretion of the World Triathlon. Three Executive Board members and the Secretary General will review and make a decision based on experience in the sector, plan to meet the proposed outcomes and best overall value for the product. Nothing in this request for proposal mandates that the World Triathlon is obliged to award a contract under this process. Furthermore, should World Triathlon, in its sole discretion decide not to award a contract under this proposal, World Triathlon may create a new Request for Proposal on the same subject as this one.

The World Triathlon would like to thank you in advance for your time and attention to this matter. Should you have any questions and/or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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