World Triathlon releases updated Covid Prevention Guidelines for Event Organisers

by Olalla Cernuda on 22 Oct, 2021 01:15 • Español
World Triathlon releases updated Covid Prevention Guidelines for Event Organisers

As the long transition back to international racing continues under essential controls designed to ensure the good health and wellbeing of all involved, World Triathlon has released a new version of its Covid Prevention Guidelines, with updated policies, recommendations and best practices for LOCs and the host cities.

The updates include the latest information from the World Health Organisation and medical research papers on the subject, as World Triathlon continues to pursue the safest possible routes back to the full race calendar, with details of medical support facilities for athletes and the latest transmission prevention methods.

Using the WHO risk assessment tool for mass participation event organisers, LOCs are advised to only proceed with an event if it falls in the Very Low or Low Risk categories. Each event must continue to appoint a Covid-19 Officer to provide a central point of contact for all communication and stakeholder liaison, as well as a Covid-19 Committee to ‘define, implement and monitor’ the local situation leading into an event.

The wearing of masks, physical distancing, hand sanitisation and avoiding events if unwell continue to be mandated at all World Triathlon racing, with work spaces and facilities all planned in a way to make the measures as straightforward to carry out as possible. Where spectators are allowed by local government, the creation and sharing of detailed information to control the flow of people and avoid crowding continues to be required.

Online pre-race briefings will continue and registration carried out under strict control of numbers and flow of athletes. Likewise, medal ceremonies will continue to be non-contact with only another athlete permitted to give a medal to a fellow athlete on the podium.

The new version of World Triathlon’s Covid Prevention Guidelines for Event Organisers can be found here and is also available in Spanish.

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