World Triathlon Vice President Debra Alexander running for the IPC Governing Board

by Olalla Cernuda on 07 Dec, 2021 03:07 • Español
World Triathlon Vice President Debra Alexander running for the IPC Governing Board

World Triathlon Vice President Debra Alexander (RSA) is running for re-election as a Member at Large of the International Paralympic Committee Governing Board. During the last four years, Mrs. Alexander has actively served the Paralympic movement, sharing her knowledge and expertise and contributing to the leadership, collaboration and transformation of the organization. The elections will be held during the IPC General Assembly on December 12th.

22 candidates have been nominated for Member at Large positions, with 10 of them to be elected next Sunday:

Debra Alexander (South Africa – World Triathlon)
Mohamed Alhameli (UAE – NPC)
Jai-Jun Chung (Korea – NPC)
Leonel da Rocha Pinto (Angola - NPC)
Muffy Davis (USA – NPC)
Chelsey Gotell (Canada – NPC)
Khatab Hayat (Egypt – NPC)
Sabrina Ibanez (Switzerland – FEI)
Duane Kale (New Zealand – NPC)
Tanja Kari (Finland – NPC)
Miki Matheson (Japan – NPC)
Luca Pancalli (Italy – NPC)
John Petersson (Denmark – NPC)
Juan Pablo Salazar (Colombia – NPC)
Karl Quade (Germany – NPC)
Majid Rashed (UAE – Asian Paralympic Committee)
Ehud Rassabi (Israel – NPC)
Tim Reddish (Great Britain – NPC)
Imran Jamil Shami (Pakistan – NPC)
Gursharan Singh (India – NPC)
Robyn Smith (Australia – Virtus)
László Szabó (Hungary – NPC)
Esther Vergeer (Netherlands – NPC)
Jianmin Zhou (China – NPC)

Mrs. Alexander has provided all voting members with her Manifesto, as well as her Candidate video. Her video presentation for the IPC, a well as all the other Candidates, can be found here.

About Debra Alexander
Debra Alexander was elected as SASCOC Board Member in 2016. She is a former Head of the Clinical Psychology Department as well as an extraordinary senior lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry and now has a private practice.

Since 2012, Debra has held the role of World Triathlon Executive Board Member as well as African Triathlon Union (ATU) Executive Board Member and first Vice President. In 2020 she was elected World Triathlon First Vice President. In 2009 she was elected President of the National Federation of Triathlon South Africa, then in 2015 she was appointed to the South African Sports Commission and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) Medical and Anti-Doping Commission (2009-2012 and 2015- 2016). She has served as a SASCOC Board Member and is currently the 2nd Vice President of the NOC/NPC.

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