Results: 1990 Orlando ITU Triathlon World Championships | Women Team
Orlando, United States • 15 Sep, 1990
Pos Team Country Start
Time Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3 Leg 4
1 Team I United States USA 9 points Pos.1 Pos.3 Pos.5
2 Team I Canada CAN 20 points Pos.2 Pos.8 Pos.10
3 Team I Australia AUS 44 points Pos.9 Pos.13 Pos.22
4 Team I Federal Republic of Germany FDR 49 points Pos.14 Pos.16 Pos.19
5 Team I New Zealand NZL 54 points Pos.4 Pos.17 Pos.33
6 Team I France FRA 60 points Pos.15 Pos.20 Pos.25
7 Team I Great Britain GBR 97 points Pos.28 Pos.34 Pos.35
8 Team I Brazil BRA 122 points Pos.26 Pos.45 Pos.51
9 Team I Mexico MEX 133 points Pos.38 Pos.47 Pos.48
10 Team I Japan JPN 140 points Pos.41 Pos.43 Pos.56
11 Team I Bermuda BER 163 points Pos.46 Pos.54 Pos.63
12 Team I Sweden SWE 166 points Pos.53 Pos.55 Pos.58
13 Team I Costa Rica CRC 192 points Pos.52 Pos.69 Pos.71
14 Team I Colombia COL 196 points Pos.60 Pos.66 Pos.70
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Results based on the addition of the positions of the best 3 athletes.