Pos Team Country Start
Time Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3 Leg 4
1 Team I Germany GER 33 points 6th position 9th position 18th position n/a
2 Team I France FRA 37 points 11th position 12th position 14th position n/a
3 Team I Great Britain GBR 40 points 5th position 10th position 25th position n/a
4 Team I United States USA 57 points 13th position 17th position 27th position n/a
5 Team I Czech Republic CZE 69 points 16th position 21st position 32nd position n/a
5 Team I Switzerland SUI 69 points 4th position 29th position 36th position n/a
7 Team I Netherlands NED 84 points 3rd position 31st position 50th position n/a
8 Team I Australia AUS 86 points 7th position 15th position 64th position n/a
9 Team I New Zealand NZL 93 points 1st position 35th position 57th position n/a
10 Team I South Africa RSA 94 points 24th position 30th position 40th position n/a
11 Team I Canada CAN 125 points 19th position 52nd position 54th position n/a
12 Team I Portugal POR 151 points 20th position 59th position 72nd position n/a
13 Team I Hungary HUN 171 points 33rd position 42nd position 96th position n/a
14 Team I Austria AUT 175 points 47th position 60th position 68th position n/a
15 Team I Belgium BEL 176 points 37th position 63rd position 86th position n/a
16 Team I Sweden SWE 177 points 34th position 55th position 88th position n/a
17 Team I Spain ESP 191 points 26th position 74th position 91st position n/a
18 Team I Estonia EST 211 points 56th position 70th position 85th position n/a
19 Team I Poland POL 275 points 73rd position 98th position 104th position n/a
20 Team I Liechtenstein LIE 308 points 101st position 102st position 105th position n/a
Program Details
Program Notes

Technical Delegate: Enrique Quesada/ESP
Distances: 1st run 10,8 km, Bike 60 km, 2nd run 10,2 km.
Results based on the addition of the positions of the top 3 athletes from the same NF