Pos First Name Last Name YOB Country Start
Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
1 Sarah Lorenz 1979 GER 702 07:23:26 01:02:44 00:02:30 03:54:46 00:01:22 02:25:56
Program notes:

Technical Delegate: Eugene Kraus/LUX. Race Referee: Michel Gignoux/FRA. Competition Jury: Eugene Kraus/LUX, Ria Damgrem/SWE, Sheila O’Kelly/CAN, Jacques Laparade/FRA, Enrique Quesada/ESP. Distances: Swim 4 km (1 lap), Bike: 120 km (2 laps), Run 30 km (3 laps). Water temperature 19ºC. Air Temperature 21ºC. Wetsuits allowed. All the Athletes in the start list finished the race.