Pos First Name Last Name YOB Country Start
Time Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
1 Kate Næss 1983 AUS 501 01:10:01 00:12:01 00:01:24 00:33:39 00:00:30 00:22:26
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Program Notes

Technical Delegate: Shanelle Barrett/NZL. Race Referee: Juliet Fahey/NZL. Competition Jury: Shanelle Barrett/NZL, Shin Otsuka/JPN, Miles Stewart/AUS. Distances: Swim 750m (1 lap), Bike 20km (5 laps), Run 5 km (2 laps of 2.305km and 390m). Water temperature 21.7ºC. Air Temperature 24ºC. Wetsuit swim. All the Athletes in the start list finished the race.