Pos First Name Last Name YOB Country Start
Time Swim T1 Bike
1 Michael Smallwood 1946 GBR 6822 02:04:25 00:35:23 00:05:04 01:23:57
Program Details
Program Notes

Technical Delegate: Vicente Sánchez/ESP. Head Referee: Dirk Bogaert/BEL.
Competition Jury: Vicente Sánchez/ESP, Renato Bertrandi/ITA, Alicia García/ESP
Distances: Swim 1900m (1 lap), Bike 45.3km (Connection plus 1 lap of 41.2km plus connection), Run 21.2km (4 laps).
Water temperature: 21.2 ºC Air temperature 18º C
Wetsuits allowed.
Race start was delayed due to weather conditions. The bike course was shortened due to delayed start.