Results: 2023 Americas Triathlon Para Cup St. Peters Missouri | PTVI Women
St. Peters Missouri, United States • 16 Apr, 2023
Pos First Name Last Name YOB Country Start
Time Swim
T1 Bike
T2 Run
1 Deborah Chucoski B3 1985 USA 606 01:12:39 00:08:35 00:02:09 00:35:59 00:00:41 00:22:20
2 McClain Hermes B1 2001 USA 607 01:15:11 00:11:35 00:01:21 00:36:46 00:01:12 00:24:17
Program Details
Air temp: 7.4°C
Run1 2.4km (1 lap)
Bike 18.4km (6 laps)
Run2 4.8km (2 laps)
Head Referees
Michael Chui/CAN
Competition Jury
Troyce Beglaw/CAN, Sally Drake/USA, Lindsay Jerdonek/USA
Program Notes

Technical Delegate: Troyce Beglaw/CAN
The event was changed to a duathlon due to cold weather conditions
Interval start: The B3 athletes started the race 02:55 after the B1 athletes. The total time of the B3 athletes is the addition of the five splits plus 02:55.