Contact Information

Email: Katriina Toorikka

Phone: +358405640422

Event Information

Entry Fee: 190 EUR

Prize Money: 40000 EUR


Swim: 4000 m; Bike: 120 km; Run: 30 km;

Start Mechanism:
Deep Water

Swim Course:
Water temperature:18C-21C
Number of laps: 1 lap

Lake, Box shaped course, build with 6 buoy. Start will be on the southern side of the Ratina Stadium, Finish on Northern Side. Switch to Cycling in the Ratina Stadium.

Bike Course:
Number of laps: 6 laps

Public roads, motorway. One larger hill elevation approx. 58m / 3500m. 1 lap has 17 corners which of 4 are Motorway ramps, 2 round abouts leading to Motorway. Whole track covered with tarmac. Switch to Running in the Ratina Stadium.

Run Course:
Number of laps: 4 laps

Public parkway, no traffic. Elevation, no large hils steepest approx. 1.5m / 500m. 70% Fine Gravel, 30% Tarmac.

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 5,000 EUR
2nd. 4,000 EUR
3rd. 3,000 EUR
4th. 2,000 EUR
5th. 1,400 EUR
6th. 1,200 EUR
7th. 1,000 EUR
8th. 600 EUR
9th.  450 EUR
10th. 350 EUR
11th. 300 EUR
12th. 250 EUR
13th. 200 EUR
14th. 150 EUR
15th. 100 EUR