France golden in Duathlon Team Relay

by Erin Greene on 26 Sep, 2011 05:59 • Español

The world’s fastest elite duathletes turned out to represent their countries once more before heading home in the mixed elite relay at the 2011 Gijon ITU Duathlon World Championships.

Newly crowned Duathlon world champion Katie Hewison (GBR) got her team out to a head start in the sprint race, completing the 2km run, 8 km bike and 1 km run first. Sandra Levenez (FRA), who secured bronze in the individual event, followed just a metre behind to tag her teammate next.

Competing with the elites for the relay, U23 world champion Etienne Diemusch (FRA) immediately set out to equal the pace of Great Britain’s Matthew Gunby. The two ran and rode together until Gunby blasted through the final lap to give Great Britain a slight lead.

The third member of the British relay, Georgina Schwiening maintained the team’s lead, but a slow transition allowed France’s Sabrina Monmarteau to catch her on the sprint bike leg. Even yet again, Nicholas Benoit (FRA), who finished fourth in the individual race due to a smoldering final run, wasted no time in unleashing his speed.

Benoit continued to distance himself from British anchor Mark Buckingham on the bike. With just one kilometre to run, Benoit once again hammered the final run, earning a team gold for France with an overall time of 1:26:07. Great Britain secured silver, finishing 11 seconds behind, while Spain won the battle for third at 1:28:23.

In the junior race, the Italian team built an insurmountable lead straight from the beginning. No team could compare, especially when junior champion Matthias Steinwadnater anchored the relay. He built on an already sizeable distance to easily bring home the gold for Italy by almost a minute in 1:29:47.

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24 - 25 Sep, 2011 • event pageall results
Results: 75-79 Male AG Sprint
1. Jaime Ruiz Peña ESP 01:34:48
2. Jose Manuel Rodriguez Carrasco ESP 01:41:38
Results: 70-74 Male AG Sprint
1. William Walsh USA 01:39:08
Results: 70-74 Female AG Sprint
1. Margaret Bomberg USA 02:23:31
Results: 65-69 Male AG Sprint
1. Edward Snelling GBR 01:07:12
2. Ron Vankoughnett CAN 01:16:56
3. John Allen AUS 01:17:26
4. Mike Mccarty USA 01:20:40
5. Bill Arnerich USA 01:21:54
Results: 65-69 Female AG Sprint
1. Sandra Davis USA 01:33:46
Results: 60-64 Male AG Sprint
1. Dave Littlemore GBR 01:04:08
2. George Poirier FRA 01:07:16
3. Fernando Pombo POR 01:09:51
4. Gerhard Lutz GER 01:12:55
5. Yannick Chouë De La Mettrie FRA 01:16:38
Results: 60-64 Female AG Sprint
1. Alexis Dinsmor GBR 01:25:44
Results: 55-59 Male AG Sprint
1. Gerhard Schlüter GER 01:04:02
2. Russ Jones USA 01:04:32
3. Jose Mariscal Perez ESP 01:06:36
4. Mike Morris GBR 01:06:45
5. Angus Gallie GBR 01:06:53
Results: 55-59 Female AG Sprint
1. Patty Peoples-Resh USA 01:09:01
2. Shelly Bloom USA 01:20:42
3. Christine Haudebourg FRA 01:21:32
4. Diane Patton USA 01:29:27
5. Joan Mcgue USA 01:33:14
Results: 50-54 Male AG Sprint
1. Dean Maruna USA 01:02:58
2. Klaus Veitinger GER 01:03:16
3. Greg Pelican USA 01:03:20
4. Tom Resh USA 01:03:31
5. Bobby Gonzales USA 01:04:08
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