Athlete Biography

Mehdi has chosen the sport of Triathlon because he feels it is the only sport which can contain his excess energy.  He is motivated by participating in international races like World Cups and World Championships series and strives to represent Africa and to be the first Moroccan triathlete in London Olympic games in 2012.  After Mehdi finishing his studies in 2013, he aims to reach his best performance level for Rio.

“Le sport va chercher la peur pour la dominer, la fatigue pour en triompher et la difficulté pour la vaincre.”  - Pierre de Coubertin


Athlete Language: Arabic, French, English and Spanish

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 2007

Athlete Education: 5th year of Medicine

Athlete Hobbies: Sports,studies,family,music,movies,books

Athlete Sports Hero: Badr Hari, Muhamad Ali

Athlete Proudest Moment: First world championships Hambourg 2007, first time competing ITU race under Moroccan flag in 2010

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