Athlete Biography

Captain Kimberly Fawcett is an officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force.  She joined the Canadian Forces in 1996 following the completion of her Master of Architecture degree from the University of Manitoba.  She began her career as a Combat Engineer with 4 Engineering Support Unit in Gagetown, New Brunswick.  Kimberly served in Afghanistan in 2002 and was presented with a Deputy Chief of Defence Staff Command Commendation for her role in supporting Special Forces.  In November 2009, Kimberly became the first Canadian Forces soldier amputee to return to a war zone since the Korean War to Kandahar, Afghanistan.  She lost her leg on duty three years earlier.  She was awarded a second Command Commendation from the Chief of Military Personnel for her work with Injured Soldiers and unbridled passion to triumph over trauma in returning to full duty.  Kimberly has been featured on several television sports casts and appeared on the Oprah Show in 2009 as part of Oprah’s Superwoman segment alongside the release of Alicia Keyes new single entitled Superwoman.  When asked by iRun magazine to complete this statement, “I run for…”, she replied with a smile, “Canada”.  Captain Fawcett lost her only son Keiran at the tender age of 9 ½ months.  In his memory, she dares to dream and do the extraordinary as all children of the world should do.  With every kilometre she conquers, together with her husband, they endeavour to take the steps their son Keiran was unable to take on his own.  Captain Fawcett was recently awarded two military sports awards; the Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa) - Female Athlete of the Year 2010, and the Canadian Forces Vice Chief of Defence Staff - Female Athletes of the Year 2010.  In June of 2011, Kimberly broke two long standing Canadian records in track and field in the Women’s T42 category for the 100m and 200m dashes.  Her success on the track and in paratriathlon has come from a combination of hard work, excellent coaching, and superb prosthetic support from Mr. Eric Schaeffer, owner of A Step Ahead Prosthetics USA.

Athlete Sponsors: SideStix, Eric Schaeffer - A Step Ahead Prosthetics, GR Martin Photography, Canadian Forces, Soldier On, Cyclelogik

Athlete Language: English, French

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 2007

Athlete Other Sports: Figure Skating, Downhill skiing, Baseball, Soccer, Track & Field

Athlete Education: Bachelor of Arts (Criminology, Criminal Justice and Law), Master of Architecture

Athlete Hobbies: Painting - Acrylic & Watercolor

Athlete Children: Keiran Fawcett Smith

Athlete Sports Hero: Terry Fox

Athlete Coach: Hugh Conlin, Helen Cooper, Andrea Smith, Ian Fraser

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