Athlete Biography

As far as I recall, I have always been attracted to action and movement. I could not stay still, I did not like to sit down, I had to move and do something constantly. Naturally, I followed the path of physical activity by participating in many different sports, such as football, tennis, running, swimming, biking, basketball, skiing, or track & field. My first triathlon was the Antibes Triathlon in May 2004 where I was 10yrs old and it was also my first victory. But I had been swimming, biking & running since the age of 7. I think what triggered my attraction to triathlon was a trip to Kona in 1998 where my father, one of the pioneers of triathlon in his country, Belgium, went on to win his 40-44 age group in the Hawaii Ironman. I remember finding that extraordinary. Then, as a kid, I believe I unconsciously followed his example and then it became, little by little, a very personal choice. For many years, I was a member of clubs in most of the sports mentioned above. As they say, I was a “natural” in sports. Growing up, I finally had to make choices in order to become very competitive in one or two fields instead of remaining simply good or even very good in all of them. So I chose triathlon. As a first-year Junior in 2011, I have been selected by the Italian Junior National Team and finished 6th at the Duathlon Worlds in Gijon. After having passed with Honors the French Baccalauréat ES with a GPA of 15/20 in June 2011, I decided to take a one year sabbatical and go to train full time during the winter with Warwick Dalziel’s squad in Brisbane, Australia. It was an enriching experience even though, training-wise, all did not go very well. I improved my swimming which was profitable. On the bike and run however I did not improve as much as I would have wanted. Back from Australia, the results of two Lab Maximum effort tests were not where I expected them to be at this time of the season. Not being in AUS anymore, I changed coach in April 2012 after the European Champs in Eilat where my objectives were to “play” the podium. I wasn’t in shape and I did poorly. The second big objective was the World Triathlon Championships in Auckland, but was not selected. During the 2012 season, my best results were a victory at the Tristar55 Cannes, a 5th at the Vienna Junior Cup, an 8th at the Alpe d’Huez SD, an 8th at the Tristar111 Estonia, a 5th at Tristar111 Monaco, a 15th at the Junior Duathlon Worlds and a Gold medal in the Team Relay with Italy-my best 2012 souvenir-, and a 13th at the Mondello European Cup.  In 2013, I took a big decision: to pursue my studies at the University of Colorado in Boulder in business and of course to train at the same time. At the USAT Collegiate National, I finished 4th and the CuTri team won its 4th Nationals title. During May and June, I could not run due to a stress fracture and, consequently, did a lot of swimming and won several bikes races. It allowed me to have my two greatest victories so far, the Italian no-draft Championships in Iseo and the CD of Embrun. I also got a 10th at the Istanbul European Cup, a 3rd at the 5150 Marseille, a 5th at the 5150 Galveston and won the Boulder Sunset triathlon. 2014 started very well with a 10km 31’16” PB at the Prom’Classic in Nice. Then, I successively won the Havasu Regionals Collegiate and, most importantly, the USAT Collegiate National in Tempe, AZ. And the CuTri team, unexpectedly, won its 5th nationals title. Recently, I got a 4th place at the 5150 St Anthony’s. One of my goal this year is to qualify for the Hy-Vee. The other is to climb in the ITU points list, in order to make the group of the “olympic probables” within Italy to have a shot at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Athlete Sponsors: Wilier, Santini, Rudy Project, Fizik, Powerbar, Vision, Campagnolo, Cycles Sordello

Athlete Language: French, English, Italian

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 2004

Athlete Other Sports: alpine ski, cycling, tennis

Athlete Education: French BAC ES with Honors (15/20)

Athlete Hobbies: cinema, music

Athlete Sports Hero: Lance Armstrong, Craig Alexander, Javier Gomez

Athlete Proudest Moment: 2014 USAT Collegiate National Champion

Athlete Injuries: Femur stress fracture, shin splints

Athlete Coach: Andrea Gabba

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