Athlete Biography

Olympic Games:
7th Athens 2004
8th Bejing 2008

World Champs:
2nd Fredericia 2001 (Long Distance)
17th Madeira 2004
11th Cancun 2002

European Champs:
Winner Valencia 2004
4th Carlsbad 2003
4th Gyor 2002
14th Carlsbad 2001

World Cup:
Winner Des Moines 2008
2nd. Ishigaki 2008
5 th Tongyeong 2008
Winner Des Moines 2007
Winner Mazatlan 2006
Winner Hamburg 2004
Winner Athens 2003
3rd New Plymouth 2005
3rd Ishigaki 2003
3rd Cancun 2003
4th Cancun 2001
6th Hamburg 2002
6th Lausanne 2002
7th St. Petersburg 2001
8th Mazatlan 2005
9th Hamburg 2003
9th Madrid 2003
10th Madrid 2004

Athlete Sponsors: Maxim, Boarman Bikes, Adidas

Athlete Language: Danish, Swedish, English, German & French

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 1998

Athlete Other Sports: Cross country skiing

Athlete Education: Teaching

Athlete Hobbies: Nature, music

Athlete Children: Caroline, born August 2005, Emilie, born February 2007

Athlete Sports Hero: Ole Einar Bjorndalen

Athlete Proudest Moment: Winning the European Championship in 2004

Athlete Injuries: 2008Achilles Tendonitis 2007:stress fracture midfoot 2006: Achilles Tendonitis 2006: Partial rupture of the plantar tendon. 2005: Continuous trouble with my pelvis, hip and lower back.

Athlete Coach: Michael Kruger

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