Athlete Biography

Although Vanessa Fernandes took up triathlon back in 1999, she is one of the youngest competitors on the triathlon scene.  The 20 year old never let her age be a barrier in a sport dominated by mature athletes. As early as 2003, Fernandes had podium finishes at ITU World Cup races, in Cancun and in Rio de Janeiro.  The youngster had her first World Cup victory at the 2003 ITU Madrid World Cup. She added to her successes in 2004 with wins at the Rio World Cup and the Madrid World Cup. Perhaps Fernandes’ biggest feat came at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. As the youngest competitor in the field, Fernandes finished 8th in the triathlon.
In 2005 competition, Fernandes has continued to show she can compete with the ‘big girls.’ Already, she climbed atop the podium at the 2005 ITU Mazatlan World Cup. The future looks bright for this promising young athlete.

Athlete Sponsors: Nike, Litespeed bicycles

Athlete Language: Portuguese / English / Spanish

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 1999

Athlete Education: High School

Athlete Hobbies: Beach

Athlete Sports Hero: My father, Jan Ulrich, Rosa Mota

Athlete Proudest Moment: 1st in Madrid ITU World Cup, at her favourite triathlon race.

Athlete Coach: Sergio Santos, Antonio Jourdan

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