Athlete Biography

High school until 2001, 2002-2010 studies in law. Triathlon since 1992, first junior European championships in 1998. Cross country and 3000m on track until 1998-2001. Before: basketball, snowboarding.

Athlete Sponsors: Erdgas, Raiffeisen, Parmigiani, BH-Bikes, Nike, Land Rover, Zollinger Sport AG, Ingenieurbüro Gujer AG, SpiroTiger, Oakley, LCZ/Vfg, Sponser, Krauers Radstudio, Daum Electronic, Micarna, Sport Heart, Mako, Time, Spiuk

Athlete Language: German, English, French

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 1992

Athlete Other Sports: Snowboarding, mountainbiking, hiking, mountaineering, crosscountry skiing

Athlete Education: Law school

Athlete Hobbies: Other sports, going to the movies, reading

Athlete Children: -

Athlete Sports Hero: -

Athlete Proudest Moment: European Champion 2009, 2010 and 2012, 6th at 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Vice World Champion 2010, winning 2009 London WCS race, winning 2010 Madrid WCS race, World Cup wins in Kitzbuhel 2008 and Eilat 2007, Junior World Champion 2001

Athlete Injuries: - Stress reaction (not a fracture yet) on the leg, 2004 - Knee injury, 2005 - Inflammation of a rib, 2006 - Stress reaction, 2006 - Knee injury, 2008

Athlete Coach: Brett Sutton, before 15 years Sepp Spirig

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