Athlete Biography

Triathlon has been my profession since 2004, since it interfered too much with my studies(qualified accountant and employed by TATA STEEL - but they give me flex time to pursue my dreams and goals). I am a devoted family man, married the love of my life, Lizanie, in 2007, got a 2-year old little princess and expecting a boy in February 2011.

My first family consist of mom, dad, 3 brothers and myself being the 2nd of 4 boys.

Live is most enjoyed with loved ones and holidays on a beautiful place - beach or mountains.

The first light shone upon me in Pretoria 1981/12/22. Welkom, a Gold mining town was where I grew up an finished school. After that I moved to Potchefstroom, where I studied, started triathlon in 2000 and that was my summer(8months in the year)base.

The next phase of my life, I will continue in the beautiful Stellenbosch(50km) from Cape Town - a business(training) and lifestyle decision. Time will tell the outcome, but with my firm believe I have only great expectations.

Thanks for the Support and reading.

Athlete Sponsors: TATA STEEL , Kiwami, Nike,, Oakley, Black Spade Racing,

Athlete Language: English, German, Afrikaans

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 2000

Athlete Education: B. Comm.accounting

Athlete Hobbies: Spending time with my family

Athlete Children: Mienke 2y Milan - due in Feb 2011

Athlete Sports Hero: Haille Gebreselassi

Athlete Proudest Moment: Winning London Triathlon 2006 World Cup win 2007 - Richardsbay

Athlete Injuries: none

Athlete Coach: Advisor - Lindsey Parry

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