Athlete Biography

1983-1992 Rowing
1989-1999 Short Distance Triathlon
1999-2011 Long Distance Triathlon

Athlete Sponsors: Author, Blue Seventy, SLS3, Tufo, Zipp, Oakley, Nutrend, Kiwami, Headsweats, Trionz, Extreme Endurance,

Athlete Language: English, German, Spanish, Russian, Czech

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 1989

Athlete Other Sports: rowing, cross country skiing

Athlete Education: MD Economy, MD Marketing, Management

Athlete Hobbies: family, travel, good food, triathlon

Athlete Children: son Filip

Athlete Sports Hero: Popeye

Athlete Proudest Moment: meeting my wife and birth of my son

Athlete Injuries: none

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