Athlete Biography

I was born on the 20th December in Aarau, Switzerland. Brought up in a very active family you would always find us in activities such as hiking, skiing, ice skating, inline skating Swimming, biking andrunning.

At four years of age I learnt how to swim. The element water made me feel so comfortable that I joined the swim club Aarefisch. The first years were naturally mostly play and fun at this stage I didn’t enter any competitions. During this time I tried ballet.

Around the age of 11, I took part in my first swimming competition. Being small and slim I just didn’t have the strength to keep up with my opponents who were mostly a head taller. Even then I had so much fun during this time that I wanted to continue this sport professionally. The training of 1-2 a week was then 3-4 times a week and with a tear in my eye I had to give up ballet. I didn’t only start competitions in water, but also running in as example. The Aarau Stadtlauf (Aarau city run) and the Volksbank-Grandpix.

Athlete Sponsors: Job&Jobs, Parmigiani, Vogt AG Verbindungstechnik, Time, Mako, Oakley, Asics, Fit Line, Procycles, Met, Northwave, Powerbar, Urech Optik

Athlete Language: Swissgerman, German, French, English, Dutch

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 2004

Athlete Education: Marketing Assistant

Athlete Hobbies: Sports, Reading, Cinema, Friends, Dog

Athlete Injuries: Stress fracture in 2001

Athlete Coach: Magali Di Marco Messmer Fabio Vedana Pierre Pompili

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