Athlete Biography

Live and train at Canada’s National Centre in Victoria.  Began the sport with a semi competitive swim background.  Developed as an elite under the guidance of Patrick Kelly.  World Cup debut in Edmonton 2007 which was a an absolute shelling.  Currently working with Jon Brown and thoroughly enjoying exercising as a great excuse to eat a lot.

Athlete Sponsors: Champion System, ELoad, Saucony

Athlete Language: English

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 2006

Athlete Other Sports: Squash, Downhill & Nordic Skiing

Athlete Education: Bachelors of Materials Engineering

Athlete Hobbies: exploring Canada\'s great outdoors

Athlete Children: 1 Niece - Stella

Athlete Sports Hero: Terry Fox

Athlete Proudest Moment: 11th Monterrey WC

Athlete Coach: Jon Brown

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