Athlete Biography

While doing cycling training for an Ironman competition as an able-bodied athlete in 2005, he was involved in an accident with a truck that was travelling 100km/hr. He broke his back in four places resulting in spinal cord damage, as well as breaking his pelvis and elbows. He spent five months recovering in hospital. As a result, he is paralysed in his left leg and has limited movement in his right.

He began competing in triathlons as an able-bodied athlete in 2001, and after his injury in 2005 he competed in his first paratriathlon in 2008. He is married and has two daughters.

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 2009 for Australia, World Championships (Gold Coast, QLD)

Athlete Children: Wife Vanessa, daughters Heidi and Amity

Athlete Injuries: While training for the 2014 World Championships in Canada, he fell out of his racing chair and broke his pelvis in two places, ruling him out of competition for several months.

Athlete Coach: Stephen Moss

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