Athlete Biography

In 2004 I started with running and tried my first duathlon in 2006. A Luxembourg sports journalist, Romain Schlechter discovered my talent and is since many years my coach and has most influence on my sporting career as well as my mother.
Triathlon became my passion a year later and since (2007) I am National Champion.

I currently train in Luxembourg and do regularly training camps with international triathlon colleagues.
During an average training week I spend about 10 hours swimming, 5 hours biking, and six hours of running.
Last year I was proud to have been able to participate in the ITU International Trainingcamp in the Millenium Institute of Sports, in New Zealand.
My dream is to participate one day in the Olympic Games.
Without my sponsors and support team I could not achieve to do my favourite sport. They can be found on
COSL (Comité Olympique et Sportif Luxembourgeois) has integrated me into their promotion squad in 2011.

Athlete Sponsors: Hyundai with H1 van, Trisport with Spezialized bike, Fonshop, Foyer Agence Philippe Aulner, DFI Immobilière, Lettrages Langehegermann, Windsor Restaurant, Freelander's Sports plse see

Athlete Language: English, French, German, Luxembourgish

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 2009

Athlete Education: Sportlycée, Luxembourg

Athlete Hobbies: Sports, school, friends, travelling, music and litterature

Athlete Sports Hero: Brownlee\'s brothers, Xavier Gomez, Usain Bolt

Athlete Proudest Moment: Bronze Medal WC Duathlon Juniors, Nancy (F) Gold Medal Aquathlon WC, Auckland (NZL) 9th EC Triathlon Juniors, Eilat (ISR)

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