Athlete Biography

I first took up triathlon in 2005, when I moved to a new school, and was encouraged to try triathlon. I have a family background in sport: my grandfather was on the provincial cricket team, my father was on 1st team rugby and was also involved with cricket and swimming, and my mother was on 1st team hockey and was also involved with basketball and swimming. My mother, Margot Littleford, has had the most influence on my sporting career.

I currently train in Harare, and during an average training week I spend about seven hours swimming, five hours biking, and five hours running. My personal best swim time (750m) is 10 minutes, bike (20km) 30:33, and run (5km) 17 minutes. I have participated in the World Under19 Camp in Australia. My favorite ITU race has been the 2009 World Champs in Australia because I made many new friends. I am currently living my triathlon goals!

Something that the triathlon world may not know about me is that I am blind in my right eye. The biggest obstacle that I have overcome is my eyesight - I have struggled with depth perception from an early age.

Athlete Language: English

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 2005

Athlete Other Sports: Rugby

Athlete Education: A-Levels, St. John\'s College, Zimbabwe

Athlete Hobbies: Rugby, music, socializing, and car system!

Athlete Proudest Moment: Within triathlon, my proudest moment has been my first international medal. Outside of the triathlon world, 1st XV Rugby Team has been my proudest accomplishment.

Athlete Coach: Lindsey Parry

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