Athlete Biography

For 16 years I watched the lines on the bottom of the pool while swimming.  After college, I wanted to look at something else so I combined my love for cycling and my natural running abilities into a new passion.  After three years as an age grouper, I took the leap of faith and became a professional elite and have never looked back since.

Athlete Sponsors: FSA/Visiontech, Blue Bicycles, Zipp, Orca, Rudy Project

Athlete Language: english and a little french

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 1997

Athlete Other Sports: golf, shopping, and badmitton

Athlete Education: 2 bachelors in Poli Sci and Intl Relations

Athlete Hobbies: experimental cooking

Athlete Proudest Moment: Being told last year that I needed to be 18 to buy that R-rated movie

Athlete Injuries: I always have some sort of niggly injury...I am getting old!!!

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