Athlete Biography

Kirsten’s first time swimming in a pool was at the age of 3 weeks and she has been active in sport pretty much since then! Starting figure skating at the age of 3, she found a passion in competitive figure skating. She was not one for team sports but tried a variety of other individual sports such as gymnastics, synchro, dance, swimming, athletics and triathlon. After competing in her first mini tri at the age of 7 she was hooked but did not do triathlon exclusively until a few years later.  She progressed from Kids of Steel, through the Junior ranks winning the World Championships and is now racing in the World Championship Series.

Athlete Sponsors: Nike, Redbull, Teck, Shimano, Trek, NormaTec MVP, Powerbar, Orca, Athlete Octane, Tuscan Intl. Trek Procity Bicyle Shop.

Athlete Language: english

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 1996

Athlete Education: high schoool grad 2006

Athlete Hobbies: Cooking, Baking, Reading, Coffee dates and dinners with friends.

Athlete Sports Hero: Anyone who dominates in their chosen field. Especially those who remain grounded and humble in the process!! smile

Athlete Proudest Moment: Winning Junior Worlds, Lausanne 2006

Athlete Injuries: 2 stress fractures

Athlete Coach: Jon Brown

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