Athlete Biography

High school until 2001, 2002-2010 studies in law. Triathlon since 1992, first junior European championships in 1998. Cross country and 3000m on track until 1998-2001. Before: basketball, snowboarding.

Athlete Sponsors: Main Sponsors: Erdgas, Ochsner Sport, Raiffeisen, Land Rover, Cervelo, On Sponsors: Zollinger, Mako, Oakley, Krauers, Sponsor, Micarna, Sport Heart, ISM, LZC, Bauerfeind, Descente, Micarna

Athlete Language: German, English, French

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 1992

Athlete Other Sports: Snowboarding, mountainbiking, hiking, mountaineering, crosscountry skiing

Athlete Education: Law school

Athlete Hobbies: Other sports, going to the movies, reading

Athlete Children: 1 boy (Yanis)

Athlete Sports Hero: -

Athlete Proudest Moment: Gold Medal at Olympic Games London 2012

Athlete Injuries: - Stress reaction (not a fracture yet) on the leg, 2004 - Knee injury, 2005 - Inflammation of a rib, 2006 - Stress reaction, 2006 - Knee injury, 2008 - Broken hand, March 2016

Athlete Coach: Brett Sutton, before 15 years Sepp Spirig

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