Athlete Biography

As a kid I was in the swim and track&field squad. When my brother Timo started to do Triathlon I tried it as well and it was fun from the beginning. I did my first Tri with 13 years and decidied to train professional after School in 2000.

Athlete Sponsors: Carl Stahl GmbH, Asics, Stevens Bikes, Casco Helmets, Ultra Sports, Lightweight, Sanit├Ątshaus Gunser, VfL Waiblingen

Athlete Language: German, English, Spanish, French

Athlete Tri Entry Year: 1998

Athlete Education: Studying business economy

Athlete Hobbies: Porcelain painting, to learn a new language, having tea with friends

Athlete Sports Hero: Javi Gomez and one of my best friends: Lisa M.-O.

Athlete Proudest Moment: My qualification for Beijing 2008 with my 5th place at the World Championships in Hamburg 2007

Athlete Injuries: Broke my ellbow April 2006

Athlete Coach: Lubos Bilek

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