ITU Coach Education Program

Updated: 27 Feb, 2017 10:11 pm

ITU Coaching Education Pathway

Triathlon coaches play a central role in developing the sport at every level around the world, increasing participation and guiding triathletes of all abilities to fulfil their potential. In addition to their core coaching role, it is this dedicated workforce that influences an individual’s personal development by delivering the key messages about ethics, beliefs, fair play, and values, through quality coach-athlete partnerships at all levels from grassroots participation to elite performance.

Coaching also can contribute positively to social agendas by promoting physical activity and health and generating economic activity through employment, education, purchase of equipment, use of facilities and attendance at events.

This profession is in its most dynamic era in recent history. Coaching is seen as a powerful catalyst for change with societies & economies around the world and effective, high quality coaching is central to developing, sustaining and increasing participation and performance in triathlon, with the welfare of athletes being the foremost concern to coaches in designing, implementing and evaluating appropriate practices and competitions.

Triathlon coaches continue to work tirelessly with increasingly diverse populations and face heightening demands from their athletes, parent’s, guardians, administrators and spectators alike. They are required to fulfil a variety of roles that may include mentor, educator, technical advisor, psychologist and business manager.

The development of competent and effective coaches is critical for the development of triathlon and triathletes. With this in mind, the International Triathlon Union (ITU) Coach Education Programme has five key objectives:

  • To grow and develop the sport globally by making coach education accessible to all National Federations (NF’s) (developing and emerging through to established NFs) - thereby providing athletes with the opportunity of working with coaches with the relevant education to suit their specific needs,
  • Providing a framework for coach education and development for NF’s to develop triathlon in their country by developing athletes through competent and effective coaches from grassroots coaching to high performance sport,
  • Providing coaches with a coach development pathway for all different roles from grassroots coaching to high performance coaching which gives them the possibility to develop their competence and effectiveness by international standards no matter of their professionalization status,
  • To provide a mechanism by which coaches from all NFs can progress along the coaching pathway, should they so desire,
  • Quality assurance by providing a common framework.

The ITU Coach Education Programme is designed to meet the needs of today’s coaches and will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that all elements remain relevant and capable of producing effective, top quality coaches globally who can meet the needs of triathletes at all stages of development and assist them to perform to their potential.

ITU Coaches Education Documents

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