Contact Information

Email: Claudia Patricia Sabogal Guzmán

Phone: 57-2-6805620 57-3104580314

Fax: 57-2-5560559

Mailing Address: Federación Colombiana de Triathlon Cra. 36 5B3 65 Of. 303 Casa del Deporte Cali Colombia

Event Information

Entry Fee: 90 USD

Prize Money: 6000 USD

Distances: Swim: 1500 m Bike: 40 km Run: 10 km
Start Mechanism:


Swim course:
Water temperature: 19 ºC
Number of laps: 2
The lake is one it dams. They will be two turns of 750 mts. Is very possible to use wetsuit.

Bike Course:
Number of laps: 4
The cycling will be made paved by lorry, in hill, with a journey of 5kms in the first turn, completing 10 kms in the complete turn, for a circuit of 4 turns.

Run Course:
Number of laps: 4
The Career on foot will be for the pier, in plane land with pavement. A circuit of 2.5 kms for 4 turns.