Contact Information

Email: Terry Davis

Phone: 831-373-0678

Fax: 831-373-7731

Mailing Address: Tri-California Events, Inc. Street: 1284 Adobe Lane Town: Pacific Grove Zipcode: 93950 Country: USA

Event Information

Entry Fee: 100 USD

Prize Money: 20000 USD

Olympic Swim Course – 1.5k (.93 miles)  2 Laps
The swim course is on a counter clockwise triangular pattern in the bay between Yerba Buena Island and the Marina. Begin with a deep-water start and swim out 250 meters. Turn left and swim 250 meters.  Make another left turn back to the beach for the last 250 meters and then complete a second lap around the course. Get out of the water at the stairs in the swim exit area adjacent to the swim start.

Olympic Bike Course – 40k (24.8 miles)  6 Laps
The Bike Course will be 6 loops and will begin at the transition area adjacent to Bldg180. Proceed southeast on California Ave.,  take a quick left turn onto Avenue C,  a quick left on 4th Street and a right onto Avenue A. Proceed northwest on Avenue A until you reach 9th Street, turn right, head northeast and proceed to Avenue H. At Avenue H, make a 90 degree right turn and proceed southeast on Avenue H until California Ave. Make a 90 degree left turn in front of spectator crowds, then proceed to Avenue N for the longest straightaway. At the end of Avenue N there is a quick left and a tight right before the left turn onto 13th Street. Proceed on 13th Street to Avenue M, turn right on 11th Street, left onto Avenue E and then southwest on 9th Street. At the end of the 9th Street, turn southeast onto Avenue A and make a left turn onto 3rd Street, then a right turn onto Avenue B. Make a right turn and head westbound onto California Ave. Turn left onto Treasure Island Rd in the northbound inside lane and proceed to McCalla Road. Make a 180 degree turn and head northbound on Treasure Island Rd in the outside lane. At California Ave, make a right turn and head east on California Ave to Avenue C where you will begin your 2nd-6th laps. On the 6th and final lap, turn right on Maring Way and return to the bike finish and the transition area. The bike course will be six loops for the Olympic Distance Race.

Olympic Run Course – 10k (6.2 miles)  3 Laps
Olympic distance triathletes will complete 3 laps of the course. Begin at the transition area and proceed northeast on the sidewalk adjacent to California Ave.  Proceed left (north) on Avenue N to the turn around point at 11th Street. Retrace the course counter clockwise back on Avenue N, and back to California Avenue. The turn-around point (lap 1) is located just outside the transition area. Once you have completed three laps, you may continue southwest on California Ave to the finish line.