Contact Information

Email: Gergely Markus

Phone: +36 30 6882997

Fax: +36 49 540095

Mailing Address: TVK Mali Triatlon Klub Teleki Blanka u. 6. 3580 Tiszaujvaros HUNGARY

Event Information

Prize Money: 50000 USD

Course information
Start:Diving start from a pontoon.

Swim course:2 laps (2x750m) in the Tolnai Lake in Sajszged. At the end of the first lap athletes has to come out on the pontoon and dive back for the second lap.
Expected Water Temperature: 24C.

Bike Course:8,3 km from the river to the race center, 7 laps of 4,9 km with 11 corners in each lap. Flat, technical.

Run Course:4 laps of 2,5 km in the center of Tiszajvros.

Event information

Bike mechanic available provided by MALI.
Operation hours:
- 6th August: 14:00 17:00 (Sportcentrum)
- 7th August: 09:00 12:00 and 14:00 18:00 (Sportcentrum)
- 8th August: 09:00 10:15 and 12:30 13:15 (Transition Area 1)

Name on the swim suit
The LOC put your name/country on your swimsuit if you bring it to the race office on 6th August the latest.

Training facilities:
Swim: Wednesday-Saturday (4 - 7 August):
Thermal Bath (50 m, outdoor): 7:00-8:00
Sport Center (25 meters, indoor)  09:00 11:00 and 16:00 18:00
The ticket (~ 2 EUR) for the swimming pool can be available at the Race Office in the Sport Center.

On good quality, low traffic roads around Tiszaujvaros. The bike course will be marked with arrows.

In the Ifjsgi-park, on a 600 or 920 meters loop.