Contact Information

Email: Juan Carlos Olavarria Valenzuela

Phone: +56 988087853

Fax: +56 28138001

Mailing Address: Los Prados Nº 1714 Lo Barnechea - Santiago Chile 769-0089

Event Information

Entry Fee: 100 USD

Prize Money: 10000 USD

Distances:Swim: 1,5 km; Bike: 40 km; Run: 10 km;

Start Mechanism:       

Swim course:
Water temperature: 17 C
Number of laps: 2
Ocean Pacific. Las Torpederas Beach

Bike Course:
Number of laps: 8
Flat course (Pavement) with 700 mts. of Moderate raise for lap.

Run Course:
Number of laps: 3
Flat course, coastal edge with 450 mts. of Moderate raise for lap.

Partner: Chilean Federation of Triathlon

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 1,500 USD
2nd. 1,250 USD
3rd. 1,000 USD
4th. 750 USD
5th. 500 USD