2013 Barcelona ETU Challenge Middle Distance Triathlon European Championships

Contact Information

Email: Agusti Perez

Phone: +34 671 29 45 17

Event Information

Prize Money: 25 000 EUR

Until 31 de March 195€
Until 1 de May 215€

Until 31 de March 195€
Until 1 de May 215€

The organisers of Challenge Barcelona are pleased to announce the following news regarding the Half Challenge Barcelona on May 19:
- We are raising the capacity for entrants to 2500 triathletes, of which 1000 places are reserved for the Open and Relay events and the other 1500 for countries (Elite and Age Groups) for the European Middle Distance Championship.
- Entries for Open and Relay open from October 10 at 10:00 (Federated and Non Federated).
- Entries for European Championship open from October 25 at 10:00 in accordance with ETU regulations (more information to be announced shortly).
- New bike course of 1 single 90km lap that due to its characteristics will reduce the possibility of the Drafting and will increase the capacity of the number of triathletes. The bike course, it is over a magnfic countryside over two national parks

Montseny http://www.diba.es/parcsn/parcs/plana.asp?parc=3&m=197&o=2
In 1978, UNESCO included El Montseny in the MAB (Man and Biosphere) World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

Corredor Montnegre http://www.diba.es/parcsn/parcs/plana.asp?parc=5&m=199&o=2

- More changes:
• More scenic and central running course.
• Rectangular swimming course.
• New location of the finishing venue
• Unique post-finish recovery area on the Sport Area facility with its 50m swimming pool, showers and physiotherapy zone ….
• Fabrica Llobet: Expo, briefings, registration and sport info center, award ceremony, Pasta Party.
• Final party, after the prize ceremony open to entrants and volunteers with live music.

SWIM: 1 lap of 1900 m in the mediterranean sea; swiming along the coast.
BIKE: 1 lap, 89,750 km, completely closed to the traffic. There are three hills on the course, two at Collsacreu and one at del Montseny with a total of 1200m of altitude difference. Two Naturals Parks MONTSENY, In 1978, UNESCO included El Montseny in the MAB (Man and Biosphere) World Network of Biosphere Reserves, and CORREDOR I EL MONTNEGRE
RUN: 2 laps, 21.1km, totally flat, and passing in front of the grandstands each lap.

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 5,000 EUR
2nd. 2,500 EUR
3rd. 1,550 EUR
4th. 1,000 EUR
5th. 750 EUR
6th. 500 EUR
7th. 450 EUR
8th. 350 EUR
9th. 250 EUR
10th. 150 EUR

Approved Rule Exceptions

Appendix F6 - The ITU Technical Committee has allowed the AG athletes’ to compete with tri-suits that are not complying with the National federations’ approved colour and design. The trisuits need to comply with the rest of the uniform rules.