2014 Almere-Amsterdam ETU Challenge Long Distance Triathlon European Championships

Contact Information

Email: Richard Belderok

Phone: +31 36 534 59 31

Fax: +31 36 534 72 87

Mailing Address: Challenge Almere-Amsterdam - POB 30172 - 1303 AD Almere

Event Information

Entry Fee: from 300 EUR (early bird) to 380 EUR (late registration)

Prize Money: 50 000 EUR

Oldest Triathlon of Europe
Almere is a renowned name in triathlon history. After Hawaï, The Holland Triathlon is the oldest Triathlon in the World. Almere is the home of the Dutch triathlon sport, with two Training Clubs and a Regional Topsport Centre and a lot of individual athletes. Striking winners were pioneers as Axel Koenders, Gregor Stam but also Gerrit Schellens, Frank Heldoorn and Georg Potrebitsch. Yvonne van Vlerken, Heleen bij de Vaate and Chrissie Wellington were on the stand in recent years. Several European Championships and World Championships were held in Almere. The fastest race, finishing in 7 hours and 57 minutes, was realized by Jan van de Marel in 1999.
The Almere course is located 4.5 meters below sea level: at the bottom of what was once the Zuiderzee (South Sea), just 25 kilometers from capital Amsterdam. Still surrounded by water characterizes itself through the dikes, windmills and endless straight polder roads where you can’t hide for the winds! The battle with the elements is a battle with yourself.
In 2012, the 30th anniversary of the race led to a facelift. The start and finish location were moved to the new city center. The swim bike and run course start and finish all on the Esplanade – square to the central lake, on the edge of the curved surface of the futuristic shopping center. Simultaneously with the competitions cultural festivities take place in the city center. Another reason why you want to experience the atmosphere of Almere. So, Challenge Almere, Challenge yourself!

Water temperature: approx. 18 degrees C
Number of laps: 2
Start Mechanism: water mass start
Conditions:  fresh water lake in the city centre

Number of laps: 2
Flat course, passing by a nature reserve and along dikes, polder is 4,5 meters below sea level, might be windy

Number of laps: 6
Flat course, around the lake and the city centre

Prize money distribution.
Elite men and women:
1st. 8,000 EUR. 2nd 5,000 EUR. 3rd 3,500 EUR. 4th 2,500 EUR. 5th 2,000 EUR. 6th 1,500 EUR. 7th 1,000 EUR. 8th 700 EUR. 9th 500 EUR. 10th 300