Contact Information

Email: Jorge Reyes

Phone: 001 (52) 10196467

Mailing Address: Asdeporte, Street: Av San Jeronimo # 424 , Parques del Pedregal, Town:Mexico City Zipcode:01900, Country:Mexico

Event Information

Prize Money: 60 000 USD


Registration is open only for those triathletes who are recognized as Elite by their own National Federations.

1.5 km
Number of laps: 2
Ocean Beach mass start

40 km
Number of laps:8
Flat, with a major hill in the middle of each lap

10 km
Number of laps:4
Almost Flat with a minor hill in the start

Course map:

Prize money distribution. Elite men and women:
1st. 7,500 USD
2nd. 6,000 USD
3rd. 4,500 USD
4th. 3,000 USD
5th. 2,100 USD
6th. 1,800 USD
7th. 1,500 USD
8th. 900 USD
9th. 675 USD
10th. 525 USD
11th. 450 USD
12th. 375 USD
13th. 300 USD
14th. 225 USD
15th. 150 USD